Frequently Asked Questions


Throughout these FAQs, we use the following abbreviations. They are hyperlinked to contact lists so you can find out who your local contact is. These lists are regularly updated.

What is a thesis?

What is a PhD?

What are the main milestones?

What do I have to do / how do I get started?

I don’t know what’s expected of me in my programme.

What if I am not getting on with my supervisor?

I don’t have a desk. Where can I work on campus?

How do I open a bank account if I’m not British?

How do I get paid my stipend?

What if I run out of money?

What if I can’t find housing?

I’m new to London. How can I meet people?

How do I find a doctor (GP)?

Where can I find mental health support?

What do I do if a staff member or another student is bullying or harassing me?

Can I take holiday/annual leave?

What if I get sick?

What if I get pregnant?

What if I need to pause my studies?

Where can I find career support, especially if I don’t want to stay in academia?