Training for Doctoral Students and PGTAs

Mandatory Training for Doctoral Students

The Doctoral School has outlined a mandatory training programme for all doctoral students undertaking research at UCL. The eight modules listed below are an integral part of your doctoral course and we would expect students to have completed these within the first 6 months of their course.

  • Fire Safety Training ⇢

    All doctoral students must complete fire safety training on their first day at UCL. Doctoral students working on site must also complete a local fire safety induction and building familiarisation, which should be carried out by your applicable Fire Evacuation Marshall. This should ideally take place on your first day of working on-site.

    Lead team: Fire/Estates

  • Safety Induction ⇢

    The safety induction is designed to instil good health and safety practice in all doctoral students. This training will ensure that you understand how to identify workplace and activity hazards and that you can identify the steps you need to take to mitigate any risk of injury or ill-health. After you have completed this online training, you should also receive Local Induction training, which will provide you with essential health and safety arrangements and information specific to your area of work/study.

    Lead team: Safety Services

  • Information Security Awareness training ⇢

    When it comes to Information Security we should all be aware that threats can come from anywhere. It doesn’t matter how tight our firewall is or how careful you are, there will always be the potential for an information breach.

    Throughout this course we will look in more detail at the shape these threats take, why our institution may be susceptible and explain how you can take measures to keep our information safe.

    Lead team: Chief Information Security Officer

  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information ⇢

    This course aims to instil good knowledge and practice of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Freedom of Information Act and all laws pertaining to personal data.

    Lead team: Data Protection Team

  • Disclosing and Managing Conflicts of Interest ⇢

    This training will guide you on what a conflict of interest is and how to recognise, report and manage one, if the need arises.

    Lead team: Innovation & Enterprise

  • Understanding and protecting intellectual property ⇢

    This course aims to inform you on how intellectual property applies to your role within UCL. Prior to the training, it will be useful for you to refer to UCL’s Intellectual Policy.

    Lead team: Innovation & Enterprise

  • Research Integrity

    Research Integrity training should be provided to all doctoral students at department level for example, via Dilemma Game training. All Research Integrity training should include an overview of:

    • •  Research Integrity – its importance to UCL and to ensuring high quality in all aspects of research
    • •  Research Data Management and IT
    • •  Open Access and Copyright
    • •  Research Ethics

    All doctoral students should also read and familiarise themselves with UCL’s Statement on Research Integrity.

    Lead team: Department led / Research Integrity team for online course

  • Introduction to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion ⇢

    This training will demonstrate how discrimination can negatively impact students, staff and UCL as an institution as well as the importance and benefits of appreciating diversity. This training will also include a module on unconscious biases and how they can impact your fellow students and colleagues at UCL.

    Lead team: EDI Team

Recommended Training for Doctoral Students

  • Active Bystander

    Your department may arrange for this training to help combat sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment at UCL. An online module can also be accessed via the Students’ Union website.

    Lead team: Department level / The Students’ Union

Additional Mandatory Training for PGTAs

In addition to the mandatory training detailed above for all doctoral students, as members of UCL staff, PGTAs have to undertake the following additional mandatory training courses. PGTAs will be entitled to receive payment (up to 3 hours, payable from departmental budgets) for this and payments should be processed and submitted in the usual way. Please note, it is not necessary for PGTAs to repeat training that they are required to complete in their student capacity e.g. UCL Fire Safety, and they will therefore not be eligible for payment for these.

  • Change Possible: Be part of a sustainable UCL ⇢

    This training will focus on sustainability at UCL and the wider world and will involve steps you can take to improve your impact as well as opportunities to get involved with ‘Change Possible’, for example, becoming a Green Champion.

    Lead team: Sustainability

  • Prevent Duty ⇢

    This training will give you an overview of Prevent at UCL as well as guidance on how to deal with concerns regarding a student and/or member of staff, steps to take when organising events and freedom of speech.

    Lead team: Student and Registry Services

  • Gateway ⇢

    This training is unique to PGTAs and is designed to prepare them for their teaching responsibilities using scenarios, seminars and resources for future development.

    Lead team: Arena

Please note: Additional mandatory training will continue to be required for specific roles, e.g. if working with animals or for DBS holders.

Recommended Training for PGTAs

  • Teaching Associate Programme (TAP) ⇢

    This training is the second stage of the UCL Arena for PGTAs and can be started after you have completed the Arena Gateway workshop. It has a professional development / recognition strand which will help PGTAs prepare for an HEA fellowship application.

    Lead team: Arena