Does your study/research produce images that have aesthetic and artistic appeal?

If so, why not enter our competition and win a prize?

Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research

 Cross-Disciplinary Competition 2022

Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research

Cross-Disciplinary Research Images Competition 2022

The Doctoral School is pleased to announce its annual “Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research” Competition 2022, open to all current [1] UCL graduate students and academic staff, either science or arts based. Entrants are invited to submit images associated with their research which have aesthetic appeal.

The competition has been organised since year 2001(!) and it has always been very popular. For over 20 years the organisers have received hundreds of beautiful and striking images. Many of them appeared on UCL’s website, in UCL publications and even decorated some spaces around campus. The Doctoral School hope they will receive some equally great and interesting images this year again.

A panel of judges will review all entries and shortlist the best 100 which will feature in the online gallery after the competition closes. And in the next stage the judges will select the winning images from those shortlisted. The winners will be announced in July.


First Prize – £400
Six Runners-up Prizes – £200 each

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 23:59 BST Wednesday 15 JUNE 2022

View winners of last year’s competition.

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[1] Please note that only currently enrolled students are eligible to enter the competition.


The winning images are selected by the panel on the basis of their aesthetic appeal, the nature of their subject matter and technical quality. The panel is particularly interested in images that affect a transformation in the eye of the viewer in translating or communicating the subject that they portray, which have the potential to alter the way that we view the world.

The following rules apply:

  • images must be generated as a result of research work carried out at UCL
  • images need not be new, but should not be older than two years
  • digital images must be submitted in one of the following formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF or PDF
  • all entries must be accompanied by an entry form (see details below)
  • up to 3 entries per person may be submitted (each with a separate entry form)
  • images have to be sent to us no later than two days after submitting your entry form/s and before the deadline of Wednesday 15 June 2022.

Queries – please contact

[ Images in the top banner are from the previous year's competitions. Authors: Matt Foster, Computer Science; Dr Robert Campbell, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour; Dr Rohin Francis, Institute of Cardiovascular Science; Dr Helene Burningham, Geography]

Deadline for entries: Wednesday 15 June 2022

IMPORTANT: Please read the Guidlines above before entering the competition.