‘Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research’

Cross-Disciplinary Competition 2022

The Doctoral School would like to thank everyone for entering our competition.

This year we had 180 images entered. From this poll, the judges selected 100 images (which will feature in an online gallery in due course). The overall winners have been chosen from a very short list of the top 40 images. As always, we had an extraordinary range of beautiful and interesting images.

Many congratulations to the winners!

This is the third year the competition has been organised entirely online. We plan to hold the next Research as Art competition in the new academic year either online or in person and we are looking forward to seeing more great images from our entrants.

Alice’s winning photo for this year’s research image competition is a unanimous choice of the judging panel. The photo expresses the music making in by the Bakaya in an active and expressive manner. It led at least one of the judges to search Youtube for avideo.

— Peter McLennan, Chair of the judging panel

It’s easy to forget how artistic and creative engineering is and this competition is a great reminder of this. So I would like to give gratitude to the UCL doctoral school and my group.

— Alisha Bhatt, Mechanical Engineering


First Prize (£400)

First Prize Winner
Alice Vittoria, Anthropology
Shimmering Joy



Runners-Up (£200 each)

Alisha Bhatt, Mechanical Engineering
Oxidised Additive Manufactured Coated Titanium


Abraham Olvera Barrios, Institute of Ophthalmology
The doors of perception


Malgorzata Dawidek, Slade School of Fine Art
(Self)Soothing Project #3
Adam Wojcik, Mechanical Engineering
Fabien Moustard, Geography
Non-existent people
Prantar Tamuli, Biochemical Engineering & Alexandra Lacatusu, Bartlett School of Architecture
Complexity of Cyanobacteria biofilm

Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention
Tumpa Fellows, Bartlett School of Architecture
Adaption to the changing climate in high risk areas of Bangladesh


Honourable Mention
Mark Cunningham, Physics & Astronomy
Peering into the beast


Honourable Mention
Jeremy Ocampo, Physics & Astronomy
Neural Symmetries
Honourable Mention
Filipy Borghi, Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
endogenous polyP: explosion of colours
Honourable Mention
Alexandra Lacatusu, Bartlett School of Architecture
Bryophyte micro-ecology
Honourable Mention
Gabriel Valdebenito, Division of Biosciences
Light up the mind


The Doctoral School would also like to thank the following for acting as judges for this year’s competition:

  • Peter McLennan, The Bartlett School of Planning (Chair)
  • Sam Wilkinson, Public Art and Cultural Engagement (East)
  • Professor Robert Palgrave, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr Arthur Chapman, IOE Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment
  • Dr Miljana Radivojevic, Institute of Archaeology
  • Tony Slade, UCL Educational Media

Our competition pages contains details of the entrants. Should you wish your details to be removed, please contactdocschoolweb@ucl.ac.uk.