Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20


The Winner

Ms Malica Schmidt, Chemical Engineering

Sustainable Life Support

Water is one of the grand challenges of life. People on Earth, especially in extreme environments, still lack access to it and even at the forefront of discoveries, for future space missions to Moon, Mars, and beyond, water recycling is inadequate. Therefore, finding new approaches is crucial. To support life on Earth and under the conditions in space sustainably, this research absorbs excess atmospheric moisture from the air and transports it passively. Inspired by solutions from nature, the artificially designed surface coating is fabricated by a high-resolution 3D microprinting technique and consists of hollow vase-shaped microstructures. These structures demonstrate a significant increase in contact angle, great surface tension, and liquid intake in microscopic experiments and research is ongoing. We aim to achieve an improved understanding of passive hydrodynamic processes, and, therefore, the reduction of energy consumption for applications in space and on Earth.

Produced: Digital microscope


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