Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 93

Mr Ashwin Palaniappan, Mechanical Engineering

Nanoparticle Infused Microbubbles

Microbubbles are small bubbles with a gaseous inner core that have a variety of applications in clinical medicine and engineering. They can be used to create sharper images in ultrasound imaging by acting as a contrast agent. They can also be used as drug delivery vehicles by infusing drugs on the nanometer or micrometer scale into the bubbles. This picture shows microbubbles that have nanoparticles dissolved in its liquid outer layer. These microbubbles were created with a T-junction apparatus (a channel of gas positioned perpendicularly to a liquid channel, and in line with an exit channel). This picture was taken on an optical microscope, and the high level of monodispersity reveal the extent to which researchers can use these microbubbles accurately

Produced: Optical Microscope


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