Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 1

Ms Sabina Funk, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Let there be light: Holey caps and near-infrared light furthering our quest to illuminate the mind

This photograph shows the cap of a functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) device. Typically, optodes protrude out of the cap and, using near-infrared light, non-invasively measure changes in blood oxygenation levels in the brain. From this, activity from cortical regions of the brain can be deciphered. This has been poetically represented in the photograph through the glow of light. In reality, however, the near-infrared light is not seen. The appeal of this newer imaging method lies in its ability to be worn whilst moving around, adding valuable ecological validity to the study of the brain. As part of my cognitive neuroscience research project, I will be using fNIRS to measure how acute- and more chronic, long-term exercise (getting fitter) produces changes in the brain and cognition.

Produced: Photograph


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