Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 259

Ms Lina Petersone, Division of Infection & Immunity

Germinal center 1-6: the same and yet so different

Germinal centres are specialised microstructures that form in secondary lymphoid tissues in response to an antigen challenge. They are the cradle of long-lasting immunity against pathogens, but when dysregulated, can also promote autoimmunity and cancer. This collage contains six identical confocal images of the same germinal centre structure with the only difference between them being the colour combination used in each image. Despite originating from the same micrograph, each of the six images manages to draw attention to different aspects of this highly complex microstructure. This work highlights how something so artistic as ones choice of colour palette can have a profound impact on interpretation of scientific data.

Produced: Confocal micrograph


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