Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 245

Mr Daniyal Jafree, Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

Kidney lymphatics: seeing the unseen

Lymphatics are special tubes which act like a 'waste disposal system' for our organs. They are essential for health, and their dysfunction has been linked to heart attacks, cancer and dementia. Lymphatics have not been studied very much in the kidney, despite their likely roles in chronic kidney disease, likely because they are very hard to capture using normal imaging techniques. In my PhD, I developed an imaging technique to capture lymphatics within intact kidneys in 3D, down to the detail of individual cells. In this picture, you can see the lymphatic vessels at the bottom of the kidney in green, surrounded by many immune cells (called macrophages) which may be responsible for helping kidney lymphatics to grow. Now that I have a way to image kidney lymphatics, the rest of my PhD will be focussed on studying the roles of these mysterious tubes in kidney development and disease.

Produced: Wholemount immunofluorescence, tissue clearing and confocal microscopy of mouse embryonic kidney


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