Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 160

Miss Sandrine Heijnen, Chemistry

Destruction of Order

Imagine yourself in a concert hall filled with hundreds of people - all nice organised in a structure to somehow manage that everyone can see what happens on stage. At the end of the evening everyone wants to get out and get home as fast as possible resulting in chaos. That is what we observe here. Here we follow the colloids, microscopic particles, as they are being exposed to a laser intermittently. The first three images represent the three stages in the video where the laser is subsequently on, off and on. Bringing it back to the metaphor, getting in, enjoying the concert and getting out. The final image shows the paths during the entire event. The trail they leave behind is colour coded for their speed. This immense complexity is represented in a colourful and playful way, making research not only challenging but also beautiful.

Traces visualised on optical microscopy images using Matlab


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