Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 133

Miss Yein Son, Slade School of Fine Art

Looked Up into the Sky_R7:9

My practice-led project is an investigation into the physical analogies of skin to surface layers and materiality. The concept of ‘membranes’ inspires my making, and I am interested in exploring spatial possibilities in multi-layered painting. I have tested diverse materials for their degrees of transparency and how permeable they are to water, using various techniques from pencil strokes to watercolour fills. I have pursued other possibilities of how these different processes impact on the haptic quality. The manipulation of painterly materials and the processes employed are connected to the philosophical approaches of Korean Monotone Painting movement, and its interest in a particularly Asian perspective on abstraction.

Produced: This data visualisation was created using Flickr imaging data


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