Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2019/20

Entry No. 13

Miss Yandongxue Chen, Bartlett School of Architecture


From explanation of Nature, Emergence is the arising of rich and coherent macroscopic structures from numerous repetitions of simple elementary interactions among large numbers of microscopic particles. An emergent system is characterized by a property of wholeness that is not contained in its generative rules. And the study is using computational tool, Houdini software spatially, to explore the behaviour of emergence. By manipulating points movement, the study achieved in controlling point growth, Rotation, branching and interaction. By controlling and changing the opportunity of those behaviours, it turns out different pattern. This study is an initial prototype of studying growth behaviour of nature, such as how environmental factor can reflect the growth of organism, or the tendency parameters of organisms to choose to accumulate.

Produced: Computational simulation


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