1st Prize Winner

1st Prize Winner

Mr Cameron Overy, Bartlett School of Architecture

A Monument to the Anthropocene

Eighty percent of Sweden is cultivated forest. The remaining twenty percent is comprised of farmland, tundra, mountains and old-growth forest. These old-growth forests are key to indigenous industries and house many endangered species that are not able to survive in the cultivated forest. However as demand for lumber increases, the boundary of cultivation continually expands inland toward the mountains. This trend forecasts a point at which the forests of Sweden will be completely cultivated marking another entry into the Anthropocene era. Humans have long constructed monuments to keep important events in the collective memory and the Anthropocene is certainly worthy of such commemoration. This project proposes a series of monuments along the current boundary of cultivation acting as reference points to monitor the creeping expansion. These new types of monuments use awareness of the future rather than memory to keep the imminent impact of human activity in our minds.

Produced: Rhinoceros, VRay, Photoshop


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