Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Mr Bilal Yassine, Institute of Health Informatics

George Orwell

A mosaic of George Orwell's Portrait taken in 1943. Orwell died from Tuberculosis (TB) on 12th January 1950 in UCLH Cruciform Building. He probably contracted TB while ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’. TB is responsible for over 1.5million deaths worldwide, more than any other single infectious agent. The Images that make up the mosaic, almost 10,000 unique digital contemporary chest radiographs taken in London, come from the dataset provided Dr Al Story, the Clinical lead at Find&Treat; a specialist outreach team that work alongside over 200 NHS and third sector front-line services to tackle TB among homeless people, drug or alcohol users, vulnerable migrants and people who have been in prison. Homelessness has doubled in London in the last five years. The data is being used for research into the automated detection for TB from chest radiographs by PhD Student Bilal Yassine supervised by Professor Paul Taylor.

Produced: Using Mosaic Software


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