Miss Marie-christine Zdora, Physics & Astronomy

Glimpse into a mouse kidney

The kidney plays a major role in maintaining overall health of the body. The image shows the inside of a mouse kidney including the tissue microstructure consisting of small tubules (green/blue) and the blood vessel network (red) obtained by X-ray phase tomography. The high penetration power of X-rays allows revealing the inner structure of a sample in 3D without physically slicing it. Using X-ray phase tomography we can visualise the complex interconnection of 3D networks like the blood vessels and additionally measure the density differences in the tissue (illustrated here as varying intensities of blue and green). Being able to obtain this information simultaneously from the same data and without special sample preparation is a major leap forward for the visualisation of animal and human tissue. This will open up new possibilities for biomedical research on organ function and on the nature, progression and treatment of diseases.

Produced: X-ray phase tomography


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