Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Ms Aida Ribera Navarro, Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences

Surgical Beauty

I am an engineer, everyday I switch on my computer, I design new implants to improve the surgical treatment of spinal deformities. I rarely see the patients, and if I do, it is in the Operation Room where I see exactly this: the patient's hindhead, their back and the top of their bottom. I know them by their spine antomy, specifically by their bone abnormalities, I know them by their CT scans, MRI's and X-Rays's. However, it is in the Operation Room where I superpose their medical images with the human they are. I can't see their faces but I can see their skin and their hair. That is when I can see I was once there myself, when someone designed the implants I have for me.

Produced: photograph and X-Ray


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