Mr Daniel Avilan, Bartlett School of Architecture


An encoded rereading of Bunhill Fields Burial Site in London. The new graveyard is established to recast the landscape in various ways. By scanning, scoring, and screening at each phase, a new dialogue of varying resolutions begins to distort the existing site through a series of multidimensional maps. Each tomb is sculpted into different landscape formations in order to make a more open and public space rather than an enclosed monument on which it currently exists. The landscapes are derived from the site, extracting the varying level of detail used to create each tomb. Varying depths are measured using swatches and hatches in order to fully view the tensions each landscape reacts to its surroundings. The fashionable urban fabric of the landscapes is mended back into the site, allowing the city dwellers to experience graveyards in a new formal process.

Produced: 3D scanning and Computational parametric modeling


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