Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Mr Matteo Mauro, Bartlett

I too was in Arcadia

Following my last year research on visualising sounds, I applied a similar technique of pixel inscription, to simulate the traditional engraving process. These images are mainly created through an evolutionary build-up of lines, generated by the movement of interacting pixel/brushes. As with the 18th century inscriptions, these lines are subject to rules of composition, weight and interaction. This coded image reinterprets Carl Wilhelm Kolbe etching ‘Auch ich war in Arkadien’ (I too was in Arcadia), printed in 1801, which is part of the British Museum permanent collection. In these outcomes, there is a factor of novelty, nevertheless because they hold the classic rules of curvature, and traditional techniques of inscription, abstraction still refers to the point of departure.

Produced: computed simulation


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