Mr Jack Layton, Department of Geography

Hanging at south bank

This image was taken during my fieldwork exploring the campaign (2013-2014) to save the undercroft skate space from redevelopment by Southbank Centre; it depicts two skateboarders sitting off the edge of a stairwell at the National Theatre, London. The image was staged for an advertising shoot (professional photographers are off-image to the right), I managed to candidly capture the pose at the same time.The staging of this image suggests at the ways in which the aesthetics of the architecture at the south bank, contrasts with the skateboarders playful interaction with the buildings, and can create striking and resonant images. Striking images that were mobilised in multiple ways during the campaign to save the undercroft space, but are also mobilised in advertising, as well as the promotion of different skateboarders' and skate brands' careers.

Produced: photograph, and Instagram filter


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