Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Mr Maj Plemenitas, Bartlett School of Architecture

Cross Scale Embedding #0337

Cross Scale Design is focused on relations between processes at one spatial or temporal scale and processes at another scale that results in nonlinear dynamics. These interactions change the pattern process relationship, enabling for example, small scale processes that can drastically influence large spatial extents and reform system dynamics. The embedded scale specific thresholds are used in the multi scale generative simulation as triggers that switch between the generative rules that orchestrate the multi scale morphogenetic processes, by negotiating relations between the encoded behaviors and external influences. These variations, contextual fluctuations and interferences are used as the vital generative force. The inherent dynamic component of the system operates with the adaptive capacity, but also enables the developmental capacity and opens the evolutionary potential through the course of multiple developmental generations.

Produced: drawing from a generative computational simulation


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