“Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research”

Cross-Disciplinary Competition/Exhibition 2015/16

The Doctoral School would like to thank everyone for entering our competition and for contributing towards what was an excellent exhibition – we've had very good feedback and certainly had fun organising the event.

This competition provides a wonderful opportunity to show research in action or 'in process'. It also allows the researcher to show their work in all its vibrant complexity. We were so very pleased to have our image chosen by the judges. Thank you!

— Dr Sarah Crafter, IOE Social Science

I want to thank the judges and the scheme for presenting me the opportunity to show how fantastic the natural Earth is. All the images were of an amazing standard, so I'm very pleased to have mine picked as a runner-up.

— Dr Philip Pogge Von Strandmann, Earth Sciences


It is an honor to me to be awarded with the first prize. There is a sense of beauty behind the pure Science that is almost unknown for people that do not work in the field. Amazingly even mouse brian neurons can lose their connections with the reality and become part of the surreal world of Art. Thanks to the 'Research Images as Art' Competition to let the beauty comes out and to be seen by many.

— Miss Rosellina Guarascio, Institute of Ophthalmology

I very much appreciate being given the opportunity not only to have part of my work shared with and appreciated by a diverse public but also of having faced the fascinating challenge of finding and highlighting the intrinsic beauty within a subject which is often portrayed as mostly technical whilst it's really full of creativity in many of its forms - i.e. physics. Furthermore I similarly enjoyed the wide variety of subjects represented and brought together within the exhibition and the insight they give on such different research topics.

— Mr Simone Sala, Physics and Astronomy

The committee was incredibly impressed by the quality and range of the many striking and beautiful images. It was another very difficult year for judging. The unanimous verdict for the winning image was because of the sheer beauty of the image and the way it reminded us of so many paintings while giving a three dimensional impression.

— Professor David Bogle, Doctoral School, Chair of the judging panel


First Prize (£400)

First Prize
Miss Rosellina Guarascio, Institute of Ophthalmology
Red poppies in the mouse brain

Runners-Up (£200 each)

Dr Sarah Crafter, IOE Social Sciences
The Pensive Lion


Mr Haibo Xiao, Bartlett School of Architecture
Frozen Motion
Mr Ewan Shilland, Geography
Beads on Weeds
Dr Philip Pogge Von Strandmann, Earth Sciences
Growth from chaos
Mr Simone Sala, Physics and Astronomy
X-ray beam mode decomposition
Mr Yao Lu, Chemistry
Wanderland of water

Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention
Mr Kealan Fallon, Chemistry
Indigo: From Jeans to Solar Energy
Honourable Mention
Mr Fergus Knox, Bartlett School of Architecture
Alta Vista, Densifying the Sunset
Honourable Mention
Ms Lucia Noor Melita, Eastman Dental Institute
Canvas Pattern


Gallery temporarily unavailable

The People's Choice Prize (£100 Book Voucher)

People's Choice Prize
Mr James Shilland, Geography
Circles In The Strand


The Doctoral School would like to thank the following for acting as judges for this year's competition:

  • Prof David Bogle, Doctoral School (Chair)
  • Mrs Sussanah Chan, UCL Public and Cultural Engagement
  • Dr Richard Freeman, Institute of Education
  • Dr Julie Olszewski, Cancer Institute
  • Mr Tom Quick, Surgery and Interventional Sciences
  • Dr Richard Taws, History of Art
  • Dr Adam Wojcik, Mechanical Engineering


Our competition pages contains details of the entrants. Should you wish your details to be removed, please contact docschoolweb@ucl.ac.uk.