'Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research' 2013/14

The Graduate School would like to thank everyone for entering our competition and for contributing towards what was an excellent exhibition – we've had very good feedback and certainly had fun organising the event.

I would like to congratulate you for the research images competition, it is an amazing event that brings many disciplines together and helps everybody learn more. Last years' competition proved an eye-opener for my Bartlett research. It is things like these that make me proud to have a UCL degree.

— Graduate Student, Bartlett School of Architecture


First Prize (£250)

First Prize
Mr Laurence Jackson
Muscle Fibres of the Heart

Runners-Up (£150 each)

Miss Sabina Andron
100 Days of Leake Street


Miss Kimberley Birkett
The Sodium Tail of Comet ISON
Ms Christiane Grieb
Lost in Translation
Mr Noah Tan
Remedy 2
Dr Anai Gonzalez Cordero
Retinal kaleidoscope

The People's Choice Prize (2 × £50 Book Voucher)

People's Choice Prize
Mr Luca Chierico
Energy Channel
People's Choice Prize
Mr Prayash Giria


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The Graduate School would like to thank the following for acting as judges for this year's competition:

  • Professor Rose Marie San Juan, Dept of History of Art (Chair)
  • Dr Stephen Bloch, Dept of Language and Communication
  • Professor Joe Cain, Science and Technology Studies
  • Mr James O'Leary, Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Dr Julie Olszewski, Cancer Institute


Our competition pages contains details of the entrants. Should you wish your details to be removed, please contact docschoolweb@ucl.ac.uk.