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Merged non-locomotive time / motion traces_

Mr Jacob Down, Bartlett School of Architecture

Combined 30 / 40 seconds segments of time / motion of the human-bodily form intuitively responding to the local spatial conditions. A 37, 600 lux light source records the movements of the human-bodily form in space through time. Ten segments of time / motion are merged, thus defining the material extensions of the human bodily form, in an ever increasing world of immaterial complexity and extensionism.


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Nikola Kovacevic & Miss Xun Zhou
Chee-kit Lai & Mr Max DewdneyRunner Up
Abir Acharjee
Alessandro Ayuso
Eva Branscome
I Ju Cheng
Iju Cheng
Bernadette Devilat
Jacob Down
Alberto Adolfo Fernandez Gonzalez
Rebecca Fox
Sophie George
Nicholas Jewell
Irene Kelly
Sara L'esperance
Brent Pilkey
Marielle Rivero Vazquez
William TrossellRunner Up
Weiwei Wei
Pingping Xia

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