UCL Graduate School Review Competition 2010

The competition was open to UCL graduate research students currently enrolled in the following faculties: Arts & Humanities, Laws, Social & Historical Sciences. It was conceived as complementary to the Graduate School Poster Competition, which is not necessarily appropriate for students in these faculties.

All reviews submitted by the deadline were assessed by a panel composed of UCL academics and postgraduate students. Each review was judged on its intellectual merits rather than on whether or not it had been published.


First Prize (£400)

Ms Anna Kanakova, English Language & Literature
Janet Malcolm, Reading Chekhov: A Critical Journey

Second Prize (£200)

Mr Simon Pawley, SSEES – School of Slavonic and East European Studies
Claudia Verhoeven, 'The Odd Man Karakazov: Imperial Russia, Modernity and the Birth of Terrorism'
(Ithaca NY: Cornell University Press, 2009)

Third Prize (£100)

Ms Vita Peacock, Anthropology
Karen Barad's new agenda for the philosophy of science: some reflections on its merits

Winners 2010
Competition Winners with Prof Stephen Hart

Winning entries will be published in Opticon 1826.


The Graduate School would like to thank the following who acted as judges:

  • Professor Stephen Hart, Vice-Head, Graduate School and Dept of Spanish & Latin American Studies (Chair)
  • Professor Nicola Miller, Dept of History
  • Ms Yi Ling Huang, PhD student, Dept of English Language & Literature, Editor Elect, Opticon 1826
  • Ms Christine Lai, PhD student, Dept of English Language & Literature, Editor of Opticon 1826

Competition Guidelines

The review shall ideally take the form of a review of publishable quality which evaluates an academic book focussing on a subject or issue in the arts and humanities, or laws, or the social and historical sciences; or which evaluates a work of art; or a literary work; or an exhibition; or a film; or a TV programme; or a cultural event. Alternatively the review may take the form of a literature review designed for a non-specialised audience which outlines the current state of play in a clearly defined intellectual field of inquiry. Publishable here is understood to mean 'worthy of publication in a major academic journal or a magazine or a review or a newspaper'. The following types of review are eligible: (a) unpublished, (b) in press, or (c) already published.

Our competition pages contains details of the entrants. Should you wish your details to be removed, please contact docschoolweb@ucl.ac.uk.