UCL Graduate School Research Poster Competition 2009/10

Research Poster Competition 2010

On 4 – 5 March 2010, we ran a Research Poster Competition which offered graduate students an opportunity to meet, advertise and discuss the innovative research they are undertaking, thereby providing them with an opportunity to raise the profile of their research.

The exhibition attracted interest among academics and other graduate students. Entries were displayed in the North & South Cloisters.

Overall 157 students registered for this year's Research Poster Competition (Arts & Humanities, Laws, Social & Historical Sciences – 15; Built Environment, Engineering Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences – 72; School of Biomedical and Life Sciences – 70).

Thanks to all the students who entered.


Arts & Humanities, Institute of Education, Laws, Social & Historical Sciences

First Prize (£400)

Jessica Durkota — Department of Geography
Subterranean Biodiversity: investigating the forgotten freshwater ecotone

Runners-up (£100)

James Cheshire — Department of Geography
A Spatial Analysis of Surnames

Built Environment, Engineering Sciences,
Mathematical & Physical Sciences

First Prize (£400)

Jon Reades — Bartlett School of Planning
Mapping the Space of Flows

Runners-up (£100 each)

Maria Papademetriou — Department of Medical Physics & Bioengineering
Using Near Infrared Light to Monitor Brain Oxygenation in Infants and Children with Cardiac Defects

Sheila Ang — Department of Chemical Engineering
Turning homes into power stations: optimal design of fuel cell micro-combined heat and power systems

Emily Hall — Department of Physics & Astronomy
Testing GR with Infall in Galaxy Clusters

Poster Competition 2010 – Winners
2010 Competition Winners with Professor David Bogle
School of Biomedical and Life Sciences

First Prize (£400 each)

Anna Rubin — Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
Tracing the origins of neurons in the mouse brain

Melda Tozluoglu — Cancer Research UK London Research Institute
Modelling Cancer Cell Movement

Runners-up (£100 each)

Tarek Abdel-Aziz — Research Department of General Surgery
Dual Labelling of Embryonic Stem Cells for Dynamic Tracking in an acetaminphen-induced Liver Failure Model in Mice

James Bisby — Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology
Acute effects of alcohol on viewpoint dependence in spatial memory and its relationship with intrusions

Shirin Ghaderi — Research Department of General Surgery
Nanocrystals "Quantum Dots" in Biological Applications

Laura Miguel — Institute of Child Health
Membrane lipid order determines function in primary human CD4+ T cells

Shahin Moledina — Division of Medicine
Fractal Dimension - A Novel Method of Quantifying Vascular Changes in Pulmonary Hypertension

Anna Pearce — Institute of Child Health
Childcare and overweight in the early years: Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study


The Graduate School would like to thank the following who acted as judges:

Arts & Humanities, Laws, Social & Historical Sciences

– Dr Tom Gretton, Department of History of Art (Chair)
– Dr Axel Körner, Department of History

Built Environment, Engineering Sciences,
Mathematical & Physical Sciences

– Prof Nigel Tichener-Hooker, Dept of Biochemical Engineering (Chair)
– Dr Chiara Ambrosio, Dept of Science and Technology Studies
– Prof Tom Fearn, Dept of Statistical Science
– Dr Adam Gibson, Dept of Medical Physics and Bioengineering
– Dr Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Bartlett School of Architecture


Biomedical Sciences

– Prof Vince Emery, Vice-Head, Graduate School and Division of Infection and Immunity (Chair)
– Dr Yvonne Kelly, Division of Population Health
– Dr Vivek Mudera, Division of Surgery and Intervention Sciences
– Dr David Spratt, Faculty Graduate Tutor, Biomedical Sciences, Eastman Dental Institute
– Prof Greg Towers, Division of Infection and Immunity

Life Sciences

– Prof Chris Danpure, Vice-Head, Graduate School and Faculty Graduate Tutor, Division of Biosciences (Chair)
– Dr Snezana Djordjevic, Division of Biosciences
– Prof Jane Maxim, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
– Prof Andrew Pomiankowski, Division of Biosciences
– Professor Sophie Scott, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences


Our competition pages contains details of the entrants. Should you wish your details to be removed, please contact docschoolweb@ucl.ac.uk.