Research Images As Art 2008 Gallery

body in non-space

Miss Angeliki Malakasioti, Bartlett

My research deals with sensory deprivation in an isolation tank as a tool for questioning the body mechanisms behind spatial interpretation. The person undergoing this experience is having sensory impressions produced by the body itself, since his sensory mechanisms are ‘stretching out’ to find stumuli. I explore the altered states of consciousness that are experienced in this contradictory, ‘non-spatial’ space and the possible shifts of perception this might evoke.
This image depicts a new organism living in non-space, in a space that is absent and lacks stimuli and external information. This organism is used as a new body, a new instrument to read and interpret spatial perception. It consists of a series of organs and functions that occur to the sensory deprived body, such as natural opiate secretion, body-vane for fluctuating landscapes, body-weather construction, phantom limbs, tremor mechanisms etc.


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