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Puppy love

Dr Joe Cain, Science & Technology Studies

Walk in Battersea Park today, and you find a second statue to the famous ‘little brown dog’. This commemorates anti-vivisectionist campaigns whose attention focused on UCL circa 1900.

This photograph has a special detail: the yellow flower at the dog’s feet. When I visit this spot, I always see new flowers on the plinth. Intimate, personal tributes. These give me pause. I think about symbolism and the social function of memorials. About how we might better understand the ways people engage and respond to science. About what it is today we should be protesting and raising memorials to honour. Memory is an ever-so powerful force.

I use this photograph when teaching about the rise of experimentation and the corresponding rise of anti-vivisection. Action provoking reaction. ‘Twas ever thus.


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