Inter-University Poster Competition 2003

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For the second year, we also ran an additional Inter-University competition set up as a result of collaboration between the graduate communities at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and the University of Oxford. (Due to the nature of the institutions involved in the collaboration, this was limited to Clinical and Life Sciences).

This offered graduate students an opportunity to meet, advertise and discuss the innovative research they are undertaking, thereby providing them with an opportunity to raise the profile of their research.

The exhibition attracted interest among academics and other graduate students at all four institutions.


The Graduate School would like to thank both academics and students who acted as judges.

  • University of Cambridge
    Dr Christina Hedberg-Delouka
    Dr David Sargan
    Ms Judy-Ann Edwards
    Mr Robert Morgan-Warren
  • Imperial College
    Dr Steve Gentleman
    Dr Alistair Mathie
    Mr Josip Car
    Mr James Warne
  • University College London
    Professor Mike Spyer,
    Professor Stephan Strobel,
    Ms Helen Rudge
    Mr Kornelius Kupczik


30 "Best Entries" (including the winners) were selected from UCL's competitions in Clinical and Life Sciences and went forward to compete with entries from each of the 3 other institutions. 4 judges (2 academics, 2 students) from each institution chose the winners and we hope that this proved an excellent way for students from all four institutions to meet each other.

Inter-University Poster ompetition Winners 2003
Inter-University Poster Competition Winners 2003

Overall Winner (£500)

Laura von Hertzen, University College London
"Unravelling the Secrets of Memory: A Transcriptional Study"

Runners-up (£100)

Oliver Daltrop, Oxford University
"In vitro Studies of Cytochrome c Biogenesis"

Emma Fox, Imperial College London
"Intravenous delivery of oligonucleotides to the airway epithelium"

Catherine Hall, University College London
"Kinetics of Nitric Oxide Inactivation in the Brain"

Laura Nelson, Imperial College London
"General anesthetics "hijack" neuronal pathways of sleep"

Andrew Sharott, University College London
"Primary orthostatic tremor is an exaggeration of a physiological response to instability"

Clare Turner, University College London
"P2 purinoceptor expression and function in renal cyst formation"

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