UCL Poster Competition/Exhibition 2002

In March 2002, The UCL Graduate School ran a Research poster competition/exhibition which offered graduate students an opportunity to meet, advertise and discuss the innovative research they are undertaking, thereby providing them with an opportunity to raise the profile of their research.

The exhibition attracted interest among academics and other graduate students.

This year, the competition took place over three days (rather than two) because there was an additional competition. As a result of collaboration with the graduate communities at the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and the University of Oxford, there was a Joint Inter-University Poster Competition for graduates, on the day after our competition.(Due to the nature of the institutions involved in the collaboration, this was limited to Life and Clinical Sciences).

30 "Best Entries" (including the winners) were selected from the competitions in Life Sciences and Clinical Sciences the previous day and were forwarded on to compete with 30 entries from each of the 3 other institutions. 4 judges from each institution will chose the winners and we hope that this was be an excellent way for students within UCL to meet colleagues at Oxbridge and Imperial.


Arts & Humanities, Laws, Social & Historical Sciences

Overall Winner (£400)

David Conway, Dept of Hebrew & Jewish Studies
"Jewry in Music"

Runners-up (£100 each)

Faculty of Laws Research students
"Black Letter Law"

Built Environment, Engineering and MAPS

Overall Winner (£400)

Adrian Smith, Dept of Geological Sciences
"Mechanisms and Products of the Breakdown of Contaminant Element-Bearing Jarosite"

Runners-up (£100)

Jay Abbot, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
"Quantitive Studies of Wolf-Rayet Stars in Nearby Galaxies"

Constantinos Chappas, Dept of Statistical Science
"Portfolio Optimization: To Shrink or Not to Shrink?"

Samantha Thompson, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
"OSCA – An Optimised Stellar Coronagraph for Adaptive Optics"

Roger Wesson, Dept of Physics & Astronomy
"Physical Conditions and Abundances in Planetary Nebulae"

UCL Poster Competition Winners 2002
Winners 2002
Clinical, Dental and Medical Institutes

Overall Winner (£400)

Helen Rudge, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
"How does a virus pick up its coat and leave? The role of alkaline nuclease"

Runners-up (£100 each)

Sarah Drayton, Cancer Research UK
"How to make a normal human cell cancerous in four steps: so can we make a cancerous cell normal?"

Catherine Hall, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
"Inactivation of nitric oxide in the brain"

David Howell, Dept of Medicine
"From Clot to Collagen"

Ana Mora, Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research
"Oligodendrocyte development in Zebrafish"

Morwenna Porter, Dwept of Paediatrics & Child Health
"C. elegans as a model for juvenile NCL"

Life Sciences

Overall Winner (£400)

Aysha Raza, Dept of Anatomy & Developmental Biology
"Oligodendrocytes and their ng2+ precursors in HD"

Runners-up (£100 each)

Liam Drew, Dept of Biology
"How do you feel? The Neurobiology of Touch"

Alexandra Secker, Dept of Pharmacology
"Role of supraspinal 5-HT1A receptors in the control of micturition in female rats"

The winners, runners ups and twenty one other best entries from the Clinical, Dental, Medical Institutes and Life sciences were forwarded on to compete in the Joint Inter-University Poster Competition the following day. See how they did →

Our competition pages contains details of the entrants. Should you wish your details to be removed, please contact docschoolweb@ucl.ac.uk.