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Welcome to the Doctoral School website

This website is intended to provide information and support to all UCL doctoral students as well as the research elements of MRes projects. Our team can also be contacted about Early Career Research staff queries and concerns.

About us

The Doctoral School is committed to ensuring that the quality of research training at UCL is at the highest international level. We aim to ensure that you as a research student or supervisor work in a high quality research training environment. UCL is proud to have been judged to be one of the leading research universities in the world. We aim to develop creative rigorous researchers for both academic and non-academic research careers across the world.

Through courses, inter-disciplinary programmes, and scholarships we encourage research students to look beyond the boundaries of their chosen discipline, as well as sharing and broadening knowledge across disciplines through societies and competitions. All of these activities are detailed on this website with links to all elements of the doctoral research training environment here at UCL.

General enquiries:

News and Events

UCL Fellowship Incubator Awards
As part of UCL’s commitment to building a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable research culture, we are pleased to invite applications from UCL Early Career Researchers for the UCL Fellowship Incubator Awards.
UCL Doctoral School Welcome Event
A warm welcome from the Doctoral School to new research students who have started their studies at UCL since October and key information to help them get started on their journey as UCL Postgraduate Research Students.
Support for doctoral students affected by the rising cost of living
We will be providing additional funding for the 2022/23 academic year to support doctoral researchers receiving stipends paid by UCL.  

Doctoral School Code of Practice 2022/23
for Graduate Research Degrees

Doctoral Researcher Compass. How to enrich your research experience at UCL and beyond?
Outlines the support, activities and events available to you as a research student at UCL
Self-plagiarism Guidance for Doctoral Candidates
A new guidance specifically related to doctoral candidates who have concerns about what material can be included, e.g. papers that have been previously published, in their final thesis and how it should be correctly incorporated.
Yale UCL Collaborative Student Exchange Programme
Yale and UCL have entered into a unique partnership called the Yale UCL Collaborative. Deadlines for 2022/23 applications now available.

Barriers to Doctoral Education
The Doctoral School has developed a plan to improve the diversity of UCL's research student population. The plan approved by RDC is available online.