International Study

Opportunities for International Study – Study Leave

Research is very much an international business – international journals and conferences are key for effective knowledge transfer and for career progression, and peer review is almost always international. International sources of funding for research (and not just European) are now so important, and global mobility is a reality in many research careers. It is important that you gain experience and confidence in communicating and defending your work nationally and internationally. Meeting people and building international networks will help in your future career. This is of course all part of the excitement of research.

We have put together some resources which might help you as research students to develop your international perspective and activities whether you are a UK student or an international student. This includes support for attendance at conferences, some courses and activities at UCL, and the Study Leave Scheme. This scheme allows you to spend time at a laboratory, archive or site abroad. While funding is always an issue, there are sources available within UCL and outside, which could help you develop an aspect of your research at another location. You could really gain a stimulating new outlook on your research and the world of research in another culture.

I do encourage you to take a look and think how perhaps you might make use of some time abroad. Your Supervisor and Department will have contacts on which you can build. I believe it will help your research but also enhance your perspectives and career prospects.

Professor David Bogle
Pro-Vice-Provost (Doctoral School)