Departmental & Divisional Graduate Tutors

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

English Language & LiteratureDr Alison Shell
Greek & LatinDr Stephen C ColvinDGT for Research Graduates
Greek & LatinProfessor Chris CareyDGT for MA Classics Programme
Hebrew & Jewish StudiesProfessor Neill Lochery
Information StudiesMrs Vanda Broughton
PhilosophyDr Rory Madden
School of European Languages, Culture and SocietyProfessor Andrew Leak
Slade School of Fine ArtMiss Sharon MorrisDGT for Research Graduates
Slade School of Fine ArtMs Jayne ParkerDGT for Taught Graduates

Faculty of Brain Sciences

Department / DivisionNameNotes
Clinical, Educational and Health PsychologyProfessor Valerie Curran
Cognitive, Perceptual & Brain SciencesDr Sam Solomon
Developmental ScienceDr John Swettenham
Division of PsychiatryDr David Osborn
Ear InstituteDr Sally DawsonDGT for Research Graduates
Ear InstituteDr Deborah VickersDGT for Taught Graduates
Institute of Cognitive NeuroscienceDr Mairead Macsweeney
Institute of NeurologyProfessor Simon Shorvon
Institute of NeurologyDr Caroline Selai
Institute of OphthalmologyDr Virginia Calder
Institute of OphthalmologyDr Alison Hardcastle
Language and CommunicationProfessor Jane Maxim
LinguisticsProfessor Robyn Carston
Speech, Hearing and Phonetic SciencesDr Paul Iverson
UCL Interaction CentreDr Anna Cox
UCL Interaction CentreDr Duncan BrumbyDeputy DGT

Faculty of Built Environment

Bartlett Development Planning UnitDr Colin MarxDGT for Research Graduates
Bartlett Development Planning UnitDr Cassidy JohnsonDGT for Taught Graduates
Bartlett School of ArchitectureMs Barbara PennerDGT for History and Theory
Bartlett School of ArchitectureMr Jonathan HillDGT for PhD in Architectural Design
Bartlett School of ArchitectureDr Bill Hodgson
Bartlett School of Construction & Project ManagementDr Hedley Smyth
Bartlett School of Graduate StudiesProfessor Laura VaughanDGT for Research Graduates
Bartlett School of PlanningDr Stephen MarshallDGT for Research Graduates
Bartlett School of PlanningProfessor Nick GallentDGT for Taught Graduates
UCL Energy InstituteDr Cliff Elwell

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Biochemical EngineeringDr Nicolas Szita
Chemical EngineeringProfessor Lazaros Papageorgiou
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic EngineeringDr Taku Fujiyama
Computer ScienceProfessor Anthony HunterDGT for Research Graduates
Computer ScienceDr Robin HirschDGT for Taught Graduates
Electronic & Electrical EngineeringDr Anthony J Kenyon
Management Science and InnovationDr Bilal Gokpinar
Mechanical EngineeringDr William Suen
Medical Physics & BioengineeringProfessor Gary Royle
Security & Crime ScienceProfessor Kate Bowers
STEaPP - Science, Technology, Engineering and Public PolicyProfessor Arthur PetersenDGT for Research Graduates
UCL AustraliaDr Craig Styan

Faculty of Laws

LawsMr Mark BlakelyFGT for Taught Graduates
LawsDr Douglas GuilfoyleFGT for Research Graduates

Faculty of Life Sciences

Department / DivisionNameNotes
Cancer Research UK London Research InstituteDr Sally Leevers
Cell and Developmental BiologyProfessor Steve Hunt
Cell and Developmental BiologyProfessor Michael Duchen
Gatsby Computational Neuroscience UnitProfessor Peter Latham
Genetics, Evolution and EnvironmentDr Kevin Fowler
Genetics, Evolution and EnvironmentDr Julia Day
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell BiologyProfessor Daniel F Cutler
Neuroscience, Physiology and PharmacologyDr Paola Pedarzani
Neuroscience, Physiology and PharmacologyDr Alexander Gourine
Neuroscience, Physiology and PharmacologyDr Alasdair Gibb
Structural and Molecular BiologyDr Snezana Djordjevic
Structural and Molecular BiologyProfessor Ivan Gout
UCL Centre for the History of MedicineProfessor Roger Cooter
UCL School of PharmacyDr Kirsten Harvey

Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Department / DivisionNameNotes
ChemistryProfessor Helen Hailes
CoMPLEX - Centre for Mathematics & Physical Sciences in the Life Sciences & Experimental Biology General DGT emailGeneral email because neither of the CoMPLEX Tutors are based in CoMPLEX full time.
CoMPLEX - Centre for Mathematics & Physical Sciences in the Life Sciences & Experimental BiologyDr Geraint Thomas
CoMPLEX - Centre for Mathematics & Physical Sciences in the Life Sciences & Experimental BiologyProfessor Lucia Sivilotti
Earth SciencesDr Graham Shields
London Centre for NanotechnologyProfessor Steve Bramwell
MathematicsProfessor Valery SmyshlyaevDGT for Research Graduates in Applied Mathematics
MathematicsDr Mark RobertsDGT for Research Graduates
MathematicsProfessor Frank SmithDGT for MSc in Mathematics Modelling
MathematicsDr John TalbotDGT for Research Graduates in Pure Mathematics
Physics & AstronomyProfessor Tania S MonteiroDGT for Research Graduates
Physics & AstronomyDr Peter DoelDGT for Taught Graduates
Science & Technology StudiesDr Chiara Ambrosio
Space & Climate PhysicsProfessor Graziella BranduardiDGT for Taught Graduates
Space & Climate PhysicsDr Daisuke KawataDGT for Research Degrees
Statistical ScienceDr Afzal SiddiquiDGT for Research Graduates
Statistical ScienceDr Alexander BeskosDGT for Taught Graduates

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Department / DivisionNameNotes
Cancer InstituteDr Julie Olszewski
Division of Infection & ImmunityDr Ariberto Fassati
Division of MedicineDr Robin J McAnulty
Division of MedicineDr Jill Norman
Division of MedicineDr Andrei Okorokov
Division of Surgery and Interventional SciencesDr Vivek Mudera
Eastman Dental InstituteDr Chris LoucaDGT for Taught Graduates
Eastman Dental InstituteDr Laurent BozecDGT for Research Graduates
National Institute For Medical Research - NIMR (MRC Institute)Dr Donna Brown
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical ResearchDr Andrei Okorokov

Faculty of Population Health Sciences

Department / DivisionNameNotes
Institute for Women's HealthDr Sioban SenGuptaDGT for Research Graduates
Institute of Cardiovascular ScienceDr Ann WalkerDGT for Taught Graduates
Institute of Cardiovascular ScienceProfessor Philippa TalmudDGT for Research Graduates
Institute of Child HealthDr Kenth GustafssonDeputy DGT for Research Graduates
Institute of Child HealthDr Andrew StokerFGT and DGT for Research Graduates
Institute of Child HealthDr Helen BedfordDGT for Taught Graduates
Institute of Epidemiology and Health CareDr Maryam ShahmaneshDGT for Taught Graduates
Institute of Epidemiology and Health CareDr Anne McMunnDGT for Research Graduates
Institute of Global HealthMr Mike RowsonDGT for Taught Graduates
Institute of Global HealthProfessor Therese HeskethDGT for Research Graduates

Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

AnthropologyDr Allen Abramson
CALT - Centre for the Advancement of Learning and TeachingDr Jason Davies
EconomicsProfessor Martin Cripps
GeographyDr Alan Ingram
HistoryDr Eleanor Robson
History of ArtProfessor Rose Marie San JuanDGT for Research Graduates
History of ArtDr Natasha EatonDGT for Taught Graduates
Institute of ArchaeologyDr Andrew Bevan
Institute of the AmericasDr Paulo DrinotDGT for Research Graduates
Institute of the AmericasDr Graham WoodgateDGT for Taught Graduates
Political Science / School of Public PolicyDr Jennifer Hudson
SSEES - School of Slavonic and East European StudiesProfessor Martyn RadyDGT for Research Graduates
SSEES - School of Slavonic and East European StudiesProfessor Pamela DavidsonDGT for Taught Graduates