‘Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research’ Competition 2017/18


Please provide a description (in plain English, 150 words max) of what the artwork shows. This text will be exhibited alongside your artwork.
(Photograph, line drawing, painting, rubbing, electron micrograph, confocal micrograph, etc.)
Please note that images should not be larger then 25MB when being emailed. For any images larger then this, please use the UCL Drop Box.
Once you click the Submit button you will receive an email with information on how to send us your image.
  •   I confirm that my entry is my own work.* 
  •   I give permission for my entry to be added to the UCL Imagestore.

UCL Doctoral School encourages all Entrants to share their work with others at UCL. Entrants' works archived in the UCL Imagestore will be duly credited and you may request for the removal at any time. Your images will be used solely by the UCL community, e.g. for UCL websites and publications. Full Terms of Use can be found on the Imagestore website.

  Image: Mr Yunchao Tang, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2014