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Clay Robotics - 3D-Printed Clay Mould

Entry No 50.jpg 
Mr Kelvin Ho, Bartlett School of Architecture

Clay Robotics is a proposed digital fabrication system that combines existing concrete casting techniques with 3D-printed clay moulds through the use of six-axis industrial robotic arms. It is a speculative approach on using clay as a sustainable, efficient and low-cost casting mould material. The objective of this research is to develop a viable large-scale casting technique that is potentially more sustainable, and efficient than traditional construction.

The clay mould can be printed and shaped to allow for free-form casting of complex geometries. This is a photograph of the clay formwork being demoulded, leaving a subtle, grooved texture on the concrete surface. The clay can be easily removed in the most inaccessible spaces, alleviating the issues of formwork removal in conventional construction.  The same clay used in the process can be reused after removal, forming a closed-loop process.


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