Research Images As Art 2014/15 Gallery

Numerical Model of Fuel Injection

Entry No 46.jpg 
Mr Christopher Price, Mechanical Engineering

Fuel injection is a very complex and influential aspect of any internal combustion engine, it effects power output, emissions and efficiency. Many novel injection concepts, which have great potential, are yet to be fully understood. Numerical modelling of spray formation and engine operation allows engineers to test new concepts and designs, without any investment in prototypes. The image shown here is a numerical simulation of a high-pressure single component fuel spray, displaying the evaporated fuel (left) and the droplet diameters (right). Where red signifies large amounts of vapour and large droplet diameters, reducing to blue. Note, the images are taken as if the injection is facing out of the page. The distribution of vapour will heavily influence combustion and subsequently emissions, so it is vital for engineers to be able to accurately simulate spray formation in a wide range of environments.


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