Research Images As Art 2014/15 Gallery

Fibrous Transformations

Entry No 33.jpg 
Miss Maria Esteban-casaƱas, Bartlett School of Architecture

The research was focused on how to parametrically achieve a certain level of fibrosity in building materials. The image was created in a 3D modelling software through algorithmic scripting, which allows to plays with volumetric transitions, obtaining a certain degree of permeability.

By distorting the density of the material, lustrous volumetric mutations start emerging. It is this perversion of the compactness of the substance that allows a certain degree of dematerialisation to be perceived. In order to create such fluctuating degrees of permeability, the material is distorted, creating asymmetric symmetries and blurring the transition between elements.

As a result, it appears as though there is an active and ongoing fibrous growth.


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