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Evolutionary Acoustic Design Systems

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Mr Stathis Eleftheriadis, Bartlett School of Graduate Studies

The design of theatres, concert halls and art spaces is strongly related to programmatic, aesthetic and acoustic requirements. The project’s key goals are to design, to deploy and to evaluate complex spatial concepts by addressing the synergetic qualities of the physical and the digital for culturally and experientially rich acoustic environments. The main principle of the proposed acoustic design system is based on an automated evolutionary method and has been implemented in Processing programming language. The algorithmic design explorer is a twofold framework, in which the geometry-synthesis-process creates geometry based on a genetic code using tetrahedrons – genes – and evaluates the results by assigning quality values to each individual primarily based on acoustic criteria – Sabine’s equation. The image represents the primary state of the design space for a random topological distribution. The procedure is repeated until the system converges to an equilibrium state.


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