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Lymphoid organisation of the spleen

Entry No 16.jpg 
Dr Tiezheng Hou, Division of Infection & Immunity

The spleen is a very important lymphoid organ, producing antibodies, filter the blood and recycle ion. The structure of spleen is highly organised to enable it to remove old red blood cells and fight again blood-borne microorganisms. The photograph was taken using confocal microscopy by fluorescently labelling specific cell types in frozen spleen tissue section. The image shows the spleen structure compromise of the white and red pulp. The roundish islands are the white pulp area consisting of B cell zone (blue and purple colour) where antibody secreting cells are developed and T cell zone (green colour) where help is provided for such development. The area between those white pulp islands are red pulp (scatted in red colour and black background) where antibody producing cells reside and aged red blood cells together with debris are cleared by specialised cells.


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