Research Images As Art 2014/15 Gallery

Ocean Mountain

Entry No 14.jpg 
Miss Se Rin Park, Slade School of Fine Art

This is big scale of dreamlike landscape. Though the circle and triangles are formally very different from the representational element, as they are painted together there is both tension and harmony in the work. I also paint the shapes imperfectly; the outline of circle is even natural human quality. I have varied approach to the figurative theme. I am interested in experimenting with visual emotion of color. I use a bright, optimistic palette and muted, sombre tones. The rhythm of painting is established through the articulation of the echoing planes of various colors. I demonstrate a multifarious use of style and form and approaches widely, in order to find the most appropriate color, composition or texture for the thing that I wish to convey. My personal use of line and color allowed to move between images that connect to the outside world and pure abstraction.


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