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Miss Sarah Choo, Slade School of Fine Art

Wonderland depicts a digital composite of images taken at a carnival. The ‘fun house’ presented, De Grosse Irrgaten ; directly translates to ‘The Great Maze’.
The artist is reflecting upon the function of the ‘fun house’ as an attraction and a spectacle within the setting of a theme park. A space designed to entice yet confound the participants, ‘The Great Maze’ serves as a form of entertainment/play, sought after by various individuals.
As Choo observes people navigating through this space, she is drawn towards moments where the participants seem lost in spite of their search for entertainment.
Choo is regarding the individuals within her works as objects, and the scenes or the environment as a stage. She is not attempting to extract reality and to represent the everyday life as it is. Instead, she seeks to present a moment which is almost ‘out of time’.


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