Research Images As Art 2014/15 Gallery

Puddles in the City

Entry No 12.jpg 
Miss Sarah Choo, Slade School of Fine Art

Puddles in the City is a series of 5 images depicting a moment in time where street performers are captured when they are no longer performing. Taking on a different persona each time, the entertainer is dressed as an Icon and becomes an object of attraction. At the specific moment when they no longer consciously perform, do these entertainers stop becoming representations of icons? Who is the spectator and who the performer? When, or does the performance come to an end? 

Documented across busy cities (London, Paris, New york), these cinematic images are presented in a dark space/room, suspended at various angles, catching the subtle reflections of the viewers within the room. The reflectiveness of the dark city cape mirrors the puddles of water across cities.


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