Research Images As Art 2014/15 Gallery


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Mr Yunchao Tang, Bartlett School of Architecture

The response to the Urban as process is to explore a mechanism or a machine. The machine extracts the input data from the contextualized site to generate urban intervention as extrusion at the beginning state of the LOOP. The new urban intervention will stimulate the urban changes, fluctuate the urban flux and feed back to the urban context again. The secondary urban context as the new input data then initiates the secondary state of urban intervention generation. The process iterates itself and evolves in the motion of LOOP. The machine is also physically acting as an Extruder which collects, mixes and extrudes the materials on site. However, the parameters of the machine are defined by designers including which materials to collect, which side to extrude, how the materials distribute, how long, how thick, what shape, what material the extrusion is.


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