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Ms Anouska Nithyanandan, Mechanical Engineering

Hexagonal biodegradable polycaprolactone (PCL) polymer patterns suitable for orthopaedic applications, have been deposited on metallic substrates using a novel jet spraying technique called template-assisted electrohydrodynamic atomisation (TAEA). This room-temperature process was first developed and recently patented here at UCL. The height of these surface patterns was measured using a surface stylus profilometer in order to study the effect of flow rate and solution concentration on thickness. The image shows the profiler stylus meeting with the fixed sample, and the red crosshair marks the target scanning area with 100μm (100 micrometre) increments marked along it. The stylus was drawn along the surface of the sample and the vertical displacement, i.e. pattern thickness, was recorded. This sample was found to have a pattern height of 34μm, or 0.034mm, about the thickness of 2 human hairs.


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