Research Images As Art 2013/14 Gallery

Feedback Loop Projection

Entry No 194.jpg 
Miss Tara Tate, Slade School of Fine Art

A photograph that emerged from a series of set-up projection-experiments exploring the idea of infinity-through-projection. The image was captured of a projection of live video feed from an analog video camera facing the same wall as the projection, and was fed to a projector that displayed the image on the same wall. The result was a an infinite feedback loop of the frame of the image, which had a certain faintly coloured glow in the dark space. This photograph was taken of that projection, and originally came out completely black, but with a simple click of the Auto Tone correction function on Adobe Photoshop, the image revealed an interesting colour-configuration and composition of abstract hues. It seems the infinite aspect can also be seen as the series of processes this image-or lack there of-has gone through to arrive at this residual stage. A blending of fixity and flux of sorts.


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