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Laryngeal Light

Entry No s219.jpg 
Ms Danielle Willkens, Bartlett School of Architecture

Although it was a mild, mid-September day, the interior of Notre Dame du Haut was frigid. My fingers were numb and the shivers induced by the cold damp made it difficult to hold my camera steady. I was attempting to capture a series of high dynamic range images, so even the slightest movements would cause blurs and photographic 'ghosts' in the post-production image. The barrage of visitors in the small chapel also made it difficult to complete my photographic goals. But, then a small choir entered the church, taking up residence within one of the curved side chapels. As their voices filled space, suddenly the chill and crowd faded away. I looked up , trying to see what make the side chapels have such incredible acoustics, and for the first time noticed these amazing skylights.


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