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Responsive Building Components for a House in Shoreditch

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Mr Michael Tite, Bartlett School of Architecture

A house was conceived off Brick Lane Market, to be used one day-per-week, anticipating the arrival of its market trader, by nervously collecting energy.

The design process avoided holistic diagrammatic models, rather, using the wares on sale to effectively ‘grow’ the building from the inside-out. The tested materials either became directly incorporated into the building fabric or were refined into more sophisticated technical elements.

Window blinds were envisaged as forming the outer envelope of the dwelling (image 1) - after a rainstorm they would shake themselves dry in the manner of a hairy dog.

Children’s Armbands were arrayed to form a rainscreen wall (image 2), inflating in unison whenever a shower loomed.

Rubber sheeting formed a water-collecting ‘thick roof’ (image 3) which over the course of a week would fill with greywater like an aquatic accordian – only to be sucked dry on the arrival of the market-stall owner.


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