Welcome to the Graduate School

David Bogle

I am Professor David Bogle, Head of the Graduate School. We at UCL are committed to ensuring that the quality and relevance of your graduate studies are of the highest level. Here at UCL we believe that a high quality research environment informs high quality education and we are proud to have been judged to be one of the leading research universities in the world.

Currently UCL has 10,500 graduate students and over 4,000 academic staff spread across 70 departments in 10 Faculties. UCL academic staff have some of the strongest backgrounds in their specialist fields in the world. UCL is a centre of innovative research graduate students play an important part in this stimulating research environment.

The Graduate School is here to ensure that your education at UCL fulfils your needs and expectations, equips you for a successful future, and enables you to make the most of the excitement of graduate studies. We look after your interests through Codes of Practice which set out clearly the standards you can expect from UCL. The Graduate School Research Student Log provides a means to track your research career at UCL. It gives a focus to help you develop skills which you can apply to both the academic and non-academic worlds to set you up for your future career. Through courses and interdisciplinary programmes and scholarships we encourage students to look beyond the boundaries of their chosen discipline, as well as sharing and broadening knowledge across disciplines through societies and competitions.

We provide financial support in the form of scholarships as well as funds for research trips and participation in conferences. We also provide computer and common room facilities for graduate students. We are here to give advice on any issues that may arise during your time at UCL – to help when things go wrong, as well as to celebrate your successes.

The Graduate School operates an open door policy. You are welcome to visit us in our office, which is situated in the North Cloisters of the Wilkins Building (close to the main UCL Library).

We have divided the responsibilities of the Graduate School into areas, each to be led by a Vice-Head of the Graduate School.

Alison Diduck
Professor Alison Diduck is responsible for graduate affairs in the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Laws, Social and Historical Sciences. She teaches and researches in the Faculty of Laws in Family and Child Law, Legal Theory and Gender and the Law. Currently, Alison's main research areas focus upon the social and legal regulation of personal and social relationships and obligations.
David Spratt
Doctor David Spratt is responsible for graduate affairs in the Faculties of Medical Sciences, Brain Sciences, Life Sciences and Population Health Sciences. He is the Graduate Tutor (Research) in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and is a Reader in Microbial Ecology at the UCL Eastman Dental institute. David's research interests revolve around understanding the shifts in human commensal microbial populations in health, inception and progression of disease. He also develops complex in vitro systems to model these communities and mimic disease progression and treatment strategies. Outside UCL David enjoys ornithology, cricket and cycling.
Vice-Head for the Faculties of the Built Environment, Engineering Sciences and Mathematical & Physical Sciences – TBC.
Ben Colvill
Ben Colvill is the Graduate School Administrator. You will meet him when you visit; he is the effective agent for any changes that you may ask us to consider in the coming months.

Other members of the Graduate School team are:

  • Helen Dougal
    Helen Dougal
    PA to Head of Graduate School and Ethics
  • George Printezis
    George Printezis
    Funding and Admin
  • Daniela Bultoc
    Daniela Bultoc
    Skills Manager
  • Kasia Bronk
    Kasia Bronk
    Skills Officer
  • Jonathan Chambers
    Jonathan Chambers
    Web / IT / Log
  • awitek
    Anna Witerkowska
    Web / IT

We aim to keep you in touch with developments and activities in the Graduate School. Please keep a close eye on this website for announcements.

I would like to wish you the best for your studies and research at UCL and look forward to meeting you at some of our forthcoming events.

Professor David Bogle
Head of the Graduate School