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'InfraSkin2' by Vasileios Chlorokostas, Bartlett School of Architecture

Welcome to the Doctoral School website

The Doctoral School is committed to ensuring that the quality of research training at UCL is at the highest international level. We aim to ensure that you as a research student or supervisor work in a high quality research training environment. UCL is proud to have been judged to be one of the leading research universities in the world. We aim to develop creative rigorous researchers for both academic and non-academic research careers across the world.

Through courses, inter-disciplinary programmes, and scholarships we encourage research students to look beyond the boundaries of their chosen discipline, as well as sharing and broadening knowledge across disciplines through societies and competitions. All of these activities are detailed on this website with links to all elements of the doctoral research training environment here at UCL.

News and Events

Research Images Competition 2016
Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research 2016
The exhibition of the best 100 is now open in the South Cloisters, Wilkins Building until the afternoon of Friday 9 December. Come and view the some of the fascinating and visually arresting research being undertaken by graduate students and staff at UCL, and vote for the "People's Choice Prize".
PRES 2015
PRES 2015 Results & Actions
UCL's 11 Faculties and the Professional Services Divisions who offer key support and services to the research community have reviewed the responses and identified three key improvements in their areas in relation to the feedback.
Doctoral school handbook and Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees
Doctoral School Handbook & Code of Practice 2016/17
Doctoral School Handbook and Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees for the academic year 2016/17 are now available online.
UCL Statement on EU Fees for 2016/17
UCL Statement on EU Fees for 2016/17
The outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership is now known. Today, more than ever, we want to reaffirm to you all that UCL will remain a global university through our outlook, people and enduring international partnerships. UCL currently has more EU students than any other UK university, and we value them enormously.
Yale UCL Exchange Programme
Yale UCL Collaborative Student Exchange Programme
Yale and UCL have entered into a unique partnership called the Yale UCL Collaborative. Deadlines for 2016/17 applications now available.